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Zarine Khan: I used to weight 100 kgs in school

January 28, 2010 12:18:31 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download ZARINE KHAN wallpapers

Zarine Khan is the latest entrant in the B-town. However, unlike many other newbie debutants who are ever so happy to rent a quote or make holier than thou statements when it comes to skin show, Zarine chooses to walk a different path. Instead of out rightly rejecting any tempting offers that may require her to wear a bikini, she acknowledges her limitations. She admits that given the kind of body structure that she has, she would never be able to don a bikini on screen.

"I am very conscious about my weight from Day One. In fact during my school and college days, I used to weigh as much as 100 kgs. It's only now that I weight a lot lesser. I want to play all kind of roles and get into the kind of attire that a Hindi film heroine is required to wear. However, before that I will have to get rid of all the excess weight that I currently have on me. It's just a few more pounds to go and after that it should be all well", says Zarine who just made her debut in VEER opposite none other than Salman Khan.

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Narrating her journey of weighty issues over the years, Zarine recollects, "It was only after I started doing modeling that my weight went down by 40-45 kgs from an original 100 kgs. I have a tendency to loose and put on weight. This is why while working on VEER, I was so happy. For a change no one was asking me to loose weight."

The brief given to her was to have a fuller body because girls belonging to the era gone by were nowhere close to being Size Zero. This is why she could afford to pile on chocolates.

"Why just chocolates? In addition to that, I also got to eat so much of other junk stuff which I had to earlier sacrifice", laugh Zarine, "Any actress would have thought 1000 times before eating the kind of things that I got on platter on the sets of VEER. Having said that, I had to be reasonably conscious about not becoming 100 kgs again. I was regular with my work outs to maintain a curvaceous body."


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