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What transpired Priyadarshan to make KHATTA MEETHA?

July 1, 2010 03:29:23 PM IST
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How many of us constantly rant about inefficacies in the system and corrupt practices of the "netas"?

Well, Akshay Kumar joins the club with his next movie, Priyadarshan's KHATTA MEETHA. He recently even shot for the movie's most controversial track 'Bullshit', aimed at corrupt politicians and pokes fun at them. It trails the existing state of affairs with respect to shoddy construction work, slow proceedings and traffic woes.



Akshay essays the role of a struggling but honest road contractor with big dreams but who ultimately succumbs to the corrupt practices of the system.

When quizzed the Director he quips, "KHATTA MEETHA is a satire and I was inspired for this movie from an interesting survey I read that exposed that out of the budget allocated for development of infrastructure only 30 per cent is spent on it and the remaining 70 per cent goes into the pockets of different people like politicians, administration etc."

Priyadarshan is not worried about the hostile responses that the song may generate from the politicians. According to him, the song is just a reflection of the actual state of affairs.

Well, the song is bound to be a success since it echoes common sentiment!