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LAMHAA director: You can make 100 films on Kashmir

July 14, 2010 04:54:24 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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For National Award winning director Rahul Dholakia, making LAMHAA has been akin to an ordeal but he is glad that his labour of love is finally readying itself for its theatrical release. Though the film took a couple of years in the making, it looks as fresh and topical as it could have been, considering the current situation that the state finds itself in. No wonder, Rahul is pitching this film as 'an untold story'. He also understands that the release of the film could also lead to an opening of a can of worms, something that he is prepared for.



'I think when you take a subject like Kashmir and portray reality, there are bound to be people who won't appreciate the idea', says Rahul in a matter of fact tone, 'There is a section in the film where certain characters are heard screaming - 'Indian dogs go home'. I am sure some people will feel disturbed after hearing that.'

He doesn't wish to move away from reality though.


'Why should one, after all this is what the state of Kashmir is today. There is so much of hatred and internal violence there', he reflects, 'There is this whole generation that has grown up hating the Army. On the other hand you have to understand the situation from Army's point of view as well. Now who would want to be there in a place where you are being shot at and insulted all the time?'

All shaken up with the experience, he says that there are many more stories waiting to be told. 'There is so much happening there than what you and me actually know. If you dig deeper, you can make 100 different films. There are so many 'untold stories' that could unfold.'