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Bipasha was doubtful about playing Kashmiri girl?

July 15, 2010 03:12:16 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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It is a known fact that when Bipasha Basu comes into a project, it is understood by default that she would add a lot of star value and glamour to the film. However, in case of LAMHAA, it's a slightly different path which is taken by the team. While the star value is certainly there, it was the requirement of delivering a powerhouse performance that resulted in the gorgeous actress being roped into this Rahul Dholakia film.

view LAMHAA videos

view LAMHAA videos

"I think I suit the part of Aziza in the film", says Bipasha who plays a young Muslim woman in the film, "Her characteristics are such that they are really true to life. Not that I was very convinced about playing the part of a Kashmiri to begin with. In fact when I was informed about the role, my first question was 'Why me?'. I mean I am a Bengali and the entire personality of a Bengali is totally different from that of a Kashmiri."

However, Rahul's persistence paid as he was able to convince Bipasha about her being the best fit for the film.

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"I guess it was the characterization that came in handy here", says Bipasha, "After listening to what Aziza had gone through, her troubled past and the resolve that she had about the future, I knew that I could pull it off well. The makers needed a fiery girl who was just like a common Kashmiri person with a certain hardness that has become a part of her nature due to the situation around her."

Elaborating further on the character that she plays in the film, Bipasha says, "Aziza is not manipulative. She doesn't have any ulterior motives. All she wants is freedom for people and peace all around her. She believes in the principles that she has been brought up with and follows what she believes in. She is someone who is really tough."