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Trisha: I don't regret late start in Bollywood

July 15, 2010 02:49:51 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Trisha, who makes her Hindi film debut with KHATTA MEETHA, has been around for 8 years in the industry. One can be rest assured though that before KHATTA MEETHA, there would have been quite a few offers from Hindi films that must have come her way.

download KHATTA MEETHA wallpaper

download KHATTA MEETHA wallpaper

"Yes, there were quite a few good films that came. Now don't ask me which ones were these because I not going to mention that", laughs Trisha, "At that time I was doing Tamil and Telugu films and it seemed a little risky to step into any Hindi film that came my way. Things didn't materialize and I too was choosing a little more. Also, I was doing back to back films and didn't really have a lot of time on hand to travel to Mumbai and shoot. The projects were not overtly exciting either and I just thought of hanging on and pick up a Hindi film only when I was 100% sure."

While she refused some films, does she hold any regret for a particular project that she may have left aside and it in turn turned into a success?

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"No no, no regrets at all about starting late in Bollywood", she says immediately, "In fact to tell you the truth, there were some films that I got so close to signing but then refrained from doing that. Now I am glad about my decision because after they released and went, I became even surer that I didn't want to do such films. Everything happens for the good."

Well, one hopes so for Trisha once she is seen in the Priyadarshan directed Akshay Kumar starrer that releases all over next Friday.