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Bipasha Basu: Kashmir can happen in Maharashtra or WB

July 19, 2010 12:46:46 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Working in LAMHAA has proven to be an enlightening and educative experience for Bipasha Basu. After being attached to the film for close to couple of years, she understands that LAMHAA is not 'just another movie' that she has done. Instead, she now carries a point of view around the socio-political state that Kashmir finds itself in. So much so that she believes that the situation shouldn't be looked at in isolation because it could hold true even for states like Maharashtra or West Bengal.

view LAMHAA stills

view LAMHAA stills

"The fact is that majority of us Indians have taken a backseat and don't think too much about what is really happening outside our household", says Bipasha who is currently in the 10th year of her acting career, "We don't care much either which is sad because what is happening in Kashmir is much more than just a political crisis."

As is a known fact, LAMHAA is about the ever prevailing tension in Kashmir and how factors like politics, army, police and militants work for or against each other to shake the lives of an average human being.

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"Why do we continue to be so ignorant about the state of affairs there when the fact is that something like that could happen tomorrow in Maharashtra, West Bengal or any part of out country", questions Bipasha who definitely has been all shaken up with the experience of having lived the film for last so many months.

"Politics and religion are such strong elements that they can create a lot of problems. And when the issue of region also comes in, it becomes quite lethal actually", she adds, "This is a crisis situation in Kashmir and what a Kashmiri goes though is not really human. We have to think about it and LAMHAA makes an honest and sincere attempt to do that."