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Sanjay's revolutionary film-making attempt

July 21, 2010 03:02:48 PM IST
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Shot to fame with Internationally acclaimed film LAHORE, film maker Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, is now busy working on his next project which is a Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) and as he calls it, his 'Dream Project'. Not just this, he is doing all he can from the very beginning, to make it as bigger and flawless as possible. The young director has adapted a latest technique called 'Script Evaluation' to gauge the credibility and analyse and understand the dos and don'ts for his next that is in pre-production. Script Evaluation is the latest addition to Hollywood where it has been tried by legendary directors like James Cameroon, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Speilberg only, till date. This will be the first time in India that any Film-Maker will use 'Script Evaluation' services for his film and Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan has become the first Indian director to join the league of Hollywood biggies and bring this innovative technique to India.

Sanjay has hired a fully fledged team from USA to carry out the detailed analysis of his script. The team will come to India, do the evaluation and submit the reports to Sanjay. Based on those reports, necessary changes will be made in the script, if required. Not many in the West have used this service but where ever it has been used, it has certainly left its impact. Though it is a new process in India but Sanjay feels it would bring about a revolution in film making here.

Script Evaluation is a way of assessing a script's potential for success. It is designed to inform key decisions at the most nascent stage of a movie. During the Script Evaluation process, a genre and/or sub-genre is identified for a film's script, historical elements from successful films within the genre are noted, demographic target audiences are assessed, and a box-office range for comparable films is provided. Recommendations are made to address any contradictions and confusion, and the potential impact specific scenes and sub-plots on the core audience are measured. It is seen that the target audience is not alienated with the addition of other elements in the script. The assets and liabilities of the script are identified, strategies to effectively position and communicate the film's message are provided as well as any missing elements critical to implementing a successful campaign for a certain type of film is suggested. A test run of the script is carried by sharing it with thousands of nationally representative moviegoers to gauge their interest in it being released theatrically. All this is done in a span of 15 to 20 days.

"I would say that Script Evaluation is the answer to the director's dilemma. Whenever a director has a script in mind one question always haunts him: 'Should We Make This Movie? Will it be a hit?' Today, no one can predict what the audience wants. But as a director, I can only safe guard the interest of my movie by proving that the movie is commercially and quality wise viable. Also LAHORE marked my foray in to the Indian Film Industry and for my first film I would say that LAHORE was very well acknowledged and applauded not only in India but internationally. Well another reason of using Script Evaluation services is the genre of the film, which is Sci-Fi and there are very less authentic Sci-Fi film that we have. Thus I don't want to loos the crunch of the genre and aim to make it the first ever authentic Sci-Fi film of India," says Sanjay on his experimental efforts.

We have heard often that change is for good, but can this new technique really reap in benefits for Indian films and set in new standards for Indian Cinema? Well, we'll have to wait and watch.


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