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TERE BIN LADEN & UDAAN: Small is beautiful!

July 24, 2010 12:30:05 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Time and again it has been proved beyond doubt that as far as the economics of film business is concerned more often than not, medium and small budgeted films have succeeded at bringing in the moolah unlike big budget ventures. The more a producer is able to keep prices in check more is the chance of the film recovering its cost and making a profit.



Take the case of two meager budgeted films TERE BIN LADEN and UDAAN. In the case of the low cost TERE BIN LADEN, it has netted a decent 5.5 crores in its opening week and still counting. Given the non theatrical rights already in place, the film is a profitable venture for all concerned with more to follow. Even UDAAN netting 2.5 crores will be a safe bet for its distributors.

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However, it will be a tough battle for this Friday's solo Hindi release KHATTA MEETHA, which has opened to a mixed response - good at places dull at others. The film was never expected to take a flying start like Akshay Kumar's last release, HOUSEFULL, but this is definitely an underperformance

To conclude, while budget is an important factor but most important is the honest publicity, where the makers of TERE BIN LADEN and UDAAN told the audience in clear terms about what to expect, instead of a misleading campaign.


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