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Allan Amin, the man who brought Hollywood action to Bollywood!

July 26, 2010 12:42:56 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Allan Amin, undoubtedly one of Hindi film industry's greatest action directors has shown his mettle in innumerable films. The action coordinator of super duper hit films like DHOOM, DHOOM 2 and RACE (all of which boasted of some thrilling edge of the seat action) has been instrumental in bringing Hollywood style action to Bollywood. And it's not surprising, because not many know that Allan was once himself a stuntman in Hollywood and learnt all about international action during his tenure there.

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Allan is confident that sooner or later Hindi film industry and its films will boast of excellent action that is on par with Hollywood and it's not a mere prophecy. And it is his work that speaks for itself. No wonder he finds it humorous that Hindi film makers seek action directors from Hollywood when they have several good technicians here as well to cater to their taste and fancy. We have had several examples when world class action directors from Hollywood have failed big time in Bollywood, the last that comes to mind is BLUE, where the audience failed to identify with the action.

Surely Allan has proved beyond doubt that he is the best when it comes to executing action sequences and his forthcoming films about which we will tell you later, bear testimony to the already proven fact!