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Arjun: I have been a huge fan of Kajol

July 26, 2010 01:04:08 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Rest assured, Arjun Rampal is being remembered a lot more by Karan Johar when it comes to casting for his productions. After a cameo in KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA, he has elevated Arjun to the position of a solo male lead in STEPMOM remake - WE ARE FAMILY.

download WE ARE FAMILY wallpaper

download WE ARE FAMILY wallpaper

"It has been great fun doing the film. The good part is that when Siddharth (Malhotra), the director, came to me with the film, he ensured that it was not a frame to frame copy of the original. He has got a lot of maturity there. I was very moved with the script that was read out to me because I could see so many different angles that he had brought out", says Arjun who has to deal with two women in the film.

Arjun has never shared screen space before with either Kajol or Kareena, both of whom are known for being scene stealers. No wonder, there indeed was some task cut out for the actor.

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"I have been a huge fan of Kajol and it has been fantastic to work with her. She is just so good. On the other hand it was amazing to work with Kareena also. She is at that position in her life where she is doing some wonderful work. The entire approach towards work and the energy that she possesses is infectious. Then there are also these three lovely children in the film and since I love to shoot with kids, it turned out to be one big team. Moreover, all said and done, because it is Karan who is producing the film, you know that it would be overviewed in a nice way."

"In fact when compared to the original character in the Hollywood flick, Siddharth's version is far more nuanced. This film is his interpretation of how a STEPMOM should be", Arjun talks fondly about WE ARE FAMILY which is all set for 10th September release.


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