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Anurag Kashyap considers ANTARDWAND a gem

July 28, 2010 06:48:51 PM IST
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Anurag Kashyap's UDAAN got a stupendous response. He is becoming the face and voice of alternative good quality cinema that will take Indian cinema to the global stage. Amongst his listings of the future gems of films to be released, he considers ANTARDWAND as one of the gems to look forward to.

Anurag Kashyap wrote on his blog, "ANTARDWAND- By Sushil Rajpal.. till now a cameraman.. my senior from Hansraj, batchmate and friend of Tarsem Singh, ex- FTII has made a film. set in Bihar.. about a boy from delhi university who has appeared for his UPSC and wants to talk to his conservative dad (Vinay Pathak) about his girlfriend who is pregnant, and gets kidnapped by a man who wants him as his son-in-law.. so the boy (raja chaudhary) is tortured, but he doesn't agree to be the DAMAAD, but is still married of in a unconscious state, to the kidnappers daughter(a stunning debutant from FTII acting batch called SWATI), like it is the ptractice in many parts of that state, popularly called "jabariya shaadi".. marriage on the gunpoint.. extraordinary.. the kind of film that should be doing the rounds of the international festivals ...A masterpiece funded by friends.. who all are various partners in the film and mostly from the state.. must watch if it gets released.. a thriller , a reality check , and a point made.."

view ANTARDWAND stills

view ANTARDWAND stills

Groom abduction or 'Pakrauah Shaddi' so rampant in Bihar and Eastern UP, seemingly in the high caste Bhumihar community, to avoid another evil dowry, is touched upon in ANTARDWAND, directed by Sushil Rajpal.

The film is a peep into the reality that is mofussil India, a feudal India refusing to's a story where everybody involved pay a heavy price for the ugly patriarchal power's a society rotting while the country surges ahead to be a global power. ANTARDWAND is a film that stokes the sensitive, thinking viewer's ire, concern and empathy.

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Says Sushil Rajpal, "This is just one side of the larger story- what propelled the director in me was the other and more moving part of the story. Such forced marriages wreak huge emotional damage on both the girl and the boy. More for the voiceless girl who is deeply entrenched in a male dominated feudalistic society where she has nothing else to fall back on. Whether deserted or divorced -the life of a hapless girl in such a claustrophobic society becomes a hellish and endless journey. She bears the stigma of 'being married but not married'."

Bollywood is increasing seeing a trend in films which showcases social issues. Besides PEEPLI LIVE, a potential award winner, Another National Award winning film, ANTARDWAND, that showcases social issues that plagues rural India, will be releasing in August.

The film stars Raj Singh Chaudhary (lead of highly acclaimed film GULAAL), Vinay Pathak, Swati Sen (FTII graduadte, best actress winner) and Akhilendra Mishra.