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Cyrus: We men were a scared lot in AISHA

July 29, 2010 03:24:22 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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In an all-women show called AISHA which is right up for release next Friday, the male actors - read Abhay Deol, Cyrus Sahukar and Arunoday Singh - pretty much belonged to the minority. While Sonam Kapoor is the central protagonist, her sister Rhea is the producer, Rajshree Ojha is the director, Amrita Puri and Ira Dubey are in supporting roles while Devika Bhagat is the screenplay writer. With an all around show by women taking over the proceedings, others had to obviously take a back seat. Well, at least off, if not on the camera.

download AISHA wallpaper

download AISHA wallpaper

"What was most interesting off the camera was all the madness because of this huge cast and crew that was made primarily of women", recollects Cyrus who has worked with Sonam earlier in DELHI 6, "It was this huge army of women with a small bunch of men trying to create a space for themselves. Hum bechare log kone mein sehme hue se baithe rehte they!"

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Moreover, there was never a quiet moment on the sets, courtesy a bunch of women from a similar age group constantly chit-chatting about their likes and dislikes in the time when the camera wasn't rolling.

"You have to hear women talk to believe it", winks Cyrus, "They have this never lasting energy and enthusiasm to talk about their hair, bags, eyes etc. Each of them had their own thought and mindset so it was an interesting mix of females which was around us. Also, whenever we were hungry we used to go to their vanity vans. They had so many goodies with them to eat so for us, these vans pretty much doubled up for a 'dhabha'."