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Mugdha Godse looking for a change

June 21, 2010 04:59:02 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Mugdha Godse understands that change is the name of the game. Though she has been relatively under exposed, what with only three releases (FASHION, ALL THE BEST, JAIL) in close to two years, Mugdha is keeping herself abreast with the world of fashion by means of numerous walk on the ramps, appearances and stage performances. While being constantly in the public glare, she also believes (for all the right reasons) that it won't be harmful at all if she looks at bringing in a slight difference to her physical appearance.

Laughs Mugdha, "Well, the only thing I may end up touching for the time being is my hair." And pray why, one wonders?

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download MUGDHA GODSE wallpapers

"You know, I have been to events and people have commented that though they love my hair, they have been seeing the same style ever since FASHION. Perhaps that's their subtle way of telling me that I need a change pronto", she smiles, "They are right too and I realize now how much people expect from you. This is exciting and once in a while you must chill and figure out what you want to do in future."

Elaborating further on her plans around a change in hair do, Mugdha says, "I may change my hairstyle though that would mainly be for a particular film. There are two or three films lined up where I may go through a drastic change. Don't ask me though about these films because I can't be talking about them as yet. But yes, a change is pretty much on the anvil."

Well, with number of leading ladies - namely Kangna Ranaut and Minissha Lamba - pretty much in news today with a difference in appearance that has come around, it won't be surprising if Mugdha too comes up with some exciting and striking.

Stay tuned!


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