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Arjan Bajwa's bloody experience!

June 30, 2010 04:52:48 PM IST
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view ARJAN BAJWA picture gallery

Recently Arjan Bajwa was in South Africa shooting for an all out action film for the Bhatts. One evening after a grueling day of hardcore action scenes Arjan who was famished at the end of the day decided to stop for a bite to eat at a convenience store at 2am on his way back to the hotel.

His look demanded some prosthetics and he had not even bothered to remove all the blood make up that was on his forehead and face and as he approached food joint, the girl at the counter, he realised had a petrified look on her face and she refused to serve him food... because she insisted that she needed to get him to a hospital or first aid kit before anything else!!

Arjan was taken aback at her reaction, post which it took him a good ten minutes to convince her that he was an actor who was returning from his shoot and that he wasn't hurt and all this was fake blood and makeup and then only did she take his order for food!!! and whilst leaving she wished him well and offered a free meal the next time he and his staff came by.


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