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When Amruta fainted after her bikini shot

March 3, 2010 12:56:54 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view HIDE N SEEK movie poster

view HIDE N SEEK movie poster

It is a known fact now that ex Miss India-Earth Amruta Patki would be making her screen debut in a two piece bikini. However, not many are aware that the girl had actually fainted on location moments after her shot was canned. Though mentally she was quite comfortable about giving the shot and was actually raring to, physically it was quite a tiring experience for her. Reason being that it was mercilessly hot when she gave the shot in a swimming pool.

"I was so excited about delivering the shot since it was also my first ever stint for camera as far as movies are concerned", remembers Amruta, "However, we were shooting outdoors in Ahmedabad and it was 47 degrees temperature. I was starving myself to get into the perfect body shape and look good. However, the moment I gave my shot, I actually fainted. Perhaps it was because of low blood pressure coupled with nervousness."

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Today when she looks back at the entire experience, she can't help but smile. Though she was least conscious about donning the costume for camera, she laughs at the entire episode of fainting.

"So there I was, making my debut in Bollywood, giving my first shot, delivering my first line and actually fainting. Can you believe that", questions Amruta in an animated tone, "I distinctly recollect people clapping after my shot was through and I was wondering why all of this was happening around me. I was anyways in a semi-conscious state and couldn't completely grasp what was happening around me. Luckily one of the Assistant Directors picked me before I completely fell on the ground but really, it was quite a memorable incident."

She is now looking forward to the release of HIDE & SEEK,which hits the screens on 12th March. Directed by debutant Shawn Arranha, HIDE & SEEK also stars Purab Kohli, Arjan Bajwa, Mrinalini Sharma, Samir Kochhar and Ayaz Khan.