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Tanushree Dutta: Jagmohan Mundhra has made an amazing thriller

March 20, 2010 05:02:04 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download TANUSHREE DUTTA wallpapers

Tanushree Dutta's APARTMENT is round the corner and expectedly, the Bengali beauty is confident that this is one film that would work wonders in bringing to fore a new perception about her as an actor. That's not all as she also feels that APARTMENT would truly act as a stepping stone in her celluloid career.

"I have worked with many people in last 5 years and I can tell whether a person is making a good film or not. In case of APARTMENT I can confidently state that we have a wonderful product in hand. Jagmohan Mundhra (the film's director) has done an amazing job in making a tout thriller", says Tanushree who was recently seen in horror thriller ROKKK.

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Still, the fact remains that APARTMENT hasn't really been made on a mega budget, isn't really boasting of a leading hero from the top bracket and is seemingly aimed at a niche audience. Supporting her film and the director, Tanushree goes on to state, "You must be obviously aware of the fact that Jag (as the film maker if fondly called) has worked in numerous projects in West as well. His movies like BAWANDAR and PROVOKED are great piece of cinema. Moreover, he is technically very superior and certainly knows what he is doing."

Continuing to talk fondly about her director, Tanushree exclaims, "When you work with someone like him, it's only you who ends up gaining the most as an artist. It is good to be working with a senior director like him because it only facilitates your growth further."

Well, it would be for all to see once the film hits the screens on 9th April.


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