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Shweta Agarwal: I used to be really fat

March 23, 2010 02:12:47 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view SHWETA AGARWAL picture gallery

'Weighty' issues are in. In recent times, there have been talks of how leading ladies have either lost weight or even put on some kilos either due to (obvious) reason of looking presentable on the big screen or the 'demand of the character'. While Zarine Khan (of VEER fame) had to do the latter, Shweta Agarwal (who is currently being seen in Vikram Bhatt directed SHAAPIT) had to go with the former.

Remembering her days from the past when she was all rounded up, Shweta says, "I was really really fat and once I made up my mind to get my career going, I took about 1.5-2 years off. I just concentrated on getting myself into the best shape. Mentally I pretty much knew that I was ready; it was a matter of getting myself fit physically. Once I had SHAAPIT in hand, I knew I won't be looking back."

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Apparently, till about a few years back, Shweta's weight-o-meter read the wrong side of the 70s. Though she didn't worry much about it to begin with, alarm bells started ringing for her when she was noticed for her good looks. There were feelers from the world of glamour and while she was made to understand that she stood a chance to strike big, the first basic condition laid down to her was to cut out all the flab.

"In a way, my earlier assignments worked as a stepping stone in my career and also helped me realize that I had to further get in shape. Can you believe that at one point of time, I used to weigh 75 kgs? I had to work hard and today I am an anorexic 45 kgs", laughs Shweta when complimented for her hour glass figure.

The challenge for Shweta now is to retain her figure. "I completely agree; that's always a bigger challenge", Shweta nods in agreement here, "Now that I am in Bollywood, there can't be any relaxation. More than anyone else, now I can't let myself down."