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Raghav at loggerheads with TUM MILO TOH SAHI music director

March 26, 2010 05:31:48 PM IST
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view TUM MILO TOH SAHI videos

view TUM MILO TOH SAHI videos

It's but obvious when two music directors are working together on one song; differences are bound to be there. Same thing happened with Raghav Sachar when he had to sing a song under the tutelage of another music director Sandesh Sandalia for his forthcoming film TUM MILO TOH SAHI.

Raghav Sachar, who is also doing a cameo as himself in the film, was asked by the director Kabir Sadanh, to sing a song on music set by Sandesh. Himself a music director, Raghav was very apprehensive for fear of creative differences between the two. "In fact I have never sung for any other music director till now. I create my own music and sing it or take services of other singers. But Kabir was insistent. So I eventually agreed but in the end we did have our difference of opinions," comments Raghav.


When he was called to sing and he heard the music, Raghav wanted to improvise on the music. Sandesh refused to relent at all and finally it came to a standstill. "Kabir used to settle down our fights. He would tell me that Raghav whatever Sandesh is doing its betterments for our song and film only," Raghav Says. Now that song has two versions. Both the music directors are happy. One is the original song and the other is remixed club version by Raghav.

TUM MILO TOH SAHI is the film wherein Raghav Sachar is doing a cameo and making his debut as an actor. Opposite Anjana Sukhani, he plays himself in the film. A musician, his is the story of a busy singer and his disillusioned girlfriend.

TUM MILO TO SAHI is a tale of ordinary people at different stages of life, who discover that 'their roots have intertwined so inseparably that they have become one tree and not two!'