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Shweta Agarwal: Bollywood was never a 'junoon' for me

March 26, 2010 03:03:02 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view SHWETA AGARWAL picture gallery

Young Shweta Agarwal has just made her first step into Bollywood with SHAAPIT and is reasonably happy with the kind of feedback coming her way. She may not have been appreciated to the skies but her performance hasn't been thrashed either. However, now that she has found a space for herself in the Hindi film industry, Shweta is serious about making the right moves in months to come.

"To share with you a fact, it wasn't a case of 'junoon' for me to act in Bollywood. It was only after I had stepped into the second schedule of SHAAPIT that I realized that this indeed is reality. Of course things didn't fall in my lap from the very beginning but yes, when it comes to my entry in the industry, I have been luckier than most other actors", says Shweta.

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Most leading ladies have been known for planning their Bollywood foray well in advance. However, Shweta wasn't one of those kids who had made up their mind during the school/college days itself.

"See, what happens is that when you are in college, there are multiple options available for you. At least I never sat down and starting making a list of those things that I wanted to achieve. It wasn't like I started planning that if I do A, B and C, it would lead me to a particular place in the industry", details Shweta for whom SHAAPIT is her first major movie outing after having done a couple of international projects.

Continuing to be candid about her approach, Shweta says, "I hadn't quite planned my career and even during my growing up years, Bollywood wasn't on forefront for me. I was content with myself and it was only at a later stage did I realize that glamour world could be one option for me".