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Sajid Khan: Am I dumb to lift HANGOVER scene?

March 30, 2010 02:25:46 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Remember the famous episode from THE HANGOVER, one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of 2009, where a tiger roamed around freely in a hotel suite? While all the lead protagonists in the film were left perplexed with the sudden presence of a tiger after a heavy drinking, the tiger had its own back story to it as it turned out to be a pet of none other than Mike Tyson.

Circa 2010 and there is a tiger making an appearance in Bollywood's own HOUSEFULL as well. The theatrical promo of the film was unveiled a month back and if one notices carefully, there is a solitary shot in the film which shows the central protagonist of the film, Akshay Kumar, introducing this tiger to the audience. No wonder, there is widespread speculation that film maker Sajid Khan has lifted the tiger scene from THE HANGOVER and interspersed it with the narrative of his family entertainer.


"Well, I could see this accusation coming from a long distance", Sajid immediately gets his defenses up, "Now tell me one thing, am I dumb enough to rip off a scene from a recent hit film, tweak my original screenplay of HOUSEFULL to forcibly incorporate it and then also show it to the audience through promos so that rumour mongers can start debating about a lift from THE HANGOVER?"

As Sajid goes on to explain, the situation in HOUSEFULL is completely different and in fact was written way before THE HANGOVER had even released.

"Yes, there is a tiger in the house but its presence out there is not incidental. In fact it is Akshay himself who brings this tiger home as a gift for Lara (Dutta). Why does he do that? Well, there is a back story behind that but I would rather want audience to check it out than me spilling the beans right now", details Sajid Khan who has also brought a monkey and a parrot in HOUSEFULL.


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