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Deepika: People made a big deal about Priyanka's swimsuit act

May 3, 2010 03:58:45 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Welcome to the new breed of star actresses who have no qualms in donning a swim suit for camera. No one is shying away anymore and global exposure to fashion and styling mantra has ensured that there is a certain class appeal which comes in every time an established leading lady steps on a beach and appears in outfits that leaves just a little for imagination. This is the reason why Deepika Padukone, the latest to join the bikini brigade by appearing in a swimming costume for HOUSEFULL, is surprised when there is much hue and cry made around such costumes being worn for screen.

"When you are shooting on a beach in Italy, you have to look sexy", smiles Deepika who has paired up once again with Akshay Kumar a year after CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA, "However, the highlight of the film is not the bikini here. I remember people making a big deal about Priyanka (Chopra) wearing a swimsuit in DOSTANA but we know that the film was a lot more than that. The scene just came and went but the film remained."



Deepika understands that the film is important for her because HOUSEFULL would mark a beginning of an eventful journey ahead this year which would also see the release of her BREAK KE BAAD, KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SE and LAFANGE PARINDE.

She doesn't hold anything against such sequences though and is okay as long as it stays on to be just one of the elements in the film rather than turning out to be its very core. "All the advertising is fine as long as everyone related to the film is aware about the real intent", says Deepika, "On the same lines in HOUSEFULL too, we girls appear in bikinis for a while but the film moves on. The focus is not on skin show. But then when some people think so, it takes away the credibility of the director."

Coming back to HOUSEFULL, it is also apparent that Deepika has looked at her sexiest best in the film. It also appears that she has given a lot of herself when it comes to styling and hence, is looking better than before.

"It was the requirement of the film to concentrate a little harder on the styling and look departments. One has to anyways keep learning with every film to do better", says Deepika after accepting the compliments, "The other thing to keep in mind is the requirement of the script and the character. This is one film where I could wear bright colours, look glamorous and don fancy hair styles. Moreover, there is also an overall difference in my look that comes in when you compare the first half of the film with the second half."

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Elaborating on the difference, she reveals, "In the first half, since I am in Italy, the look is all beach-friendly and colourful. On the other hand in the second half when the film shifts to London, I am far more girly and feminine. You would see a lot of subtle colours and pastel shades."

This is also perhaps one of the first films ever where each of the three leading ladies has got into a bikini and that too for a single shot. Did that lead to some serious competition between her, Lara Dutta and Jiah Khan?

"We all knew beforehand that we had to get together in a swim wear at some point in the film. The three of us would go to gym and share notes around our diet. In fact I remember getting salad for the other girls as well. Similarly, Lara too got some stuff for me. There was no negative energy whatsoever", Deepika negates any insinuations whatsoever here, "In fact Jiah had to work a little bit on her body since she had put on some weight. However, she got a trainer and worked so hard to get herself fitter. We all were shocked to see the way she lost weight and developed such a great figure."

Well, with such camaraderie being shared between all the actresses off the camera, the Bollywood tradition of cat fights between leading ladies seems to be thing of the past now.


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