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Arjun: You do feel bad when you get criticized

May 18, 2010 04:07:23 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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For Arjun Rampal, life couldn't have been better. He is doing great personally, his night club is doing great business, a National award has already come his way for ROCK ON, his HOUSEFULL is a hit and now RAAJNEETI is carrying great reports as well. Still, the fact remains that as it happens with every successful artist, the list of detractors only increases with a period of time.

While for many out there, it is a part of their daily routine to criticize the rest, for others criticism takes an altogether different dimension when acknowledgment comes calling for the very person who was being pulled down. In such a scenario, doesn't Arjun feel that worse is yet to come?

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"Yeah man, you do feel bad when you get criticized. See, nobody can take it all with a smile on your face; it always hurts. Also, people are lying if they say that criticism doesn't affect them. However, sometimes in retrospection you do thank people because actually, you could have been doing something wrong after all. Yes, may be you should not listen to everybody but at times there is some sense in it", he says.

So what has Arjun realized on retrospection? Where does he feel that he was going wrong, especially in the early part of his career?

"I think what goes wrong 90% of the times with newcomers is that we are so hungry to find acceptance; we want to belong to something out there. During that process we end up trying to please people and prove to them which results in us doing the kind of work that we should not be doing. However, while doing so, we loose our own originality, place, style and approach", Arjun shares his observations gathered over last few years, "What we forget is that at the end of the day, every actor approaches a scene differently. Now this in fact is the most exciting part of it all and one should just cherish that."


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