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Barbara in KITES for her sex appeal?

May 20, 2010 02:58:08 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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'Hrithik and Barbara are looking smashing together' - Now that's an oft repeated statement which has been heard ever since the first official teaser of KITES came out a couple of months back. While Hrithik has been equated to a Greek God by Bollywood followers for close to a decade now, Barbara has led to a widespread 'Google search' ever since she was unveiled for the desi audience.

view KITES videos

view KITES videos

No wonder, the ploy seems to have worked as the intrinsic sex appeal carried by her has been churned to the fullest by the makers, what with her lip locking moments with her lead hero coupled with the backless shot making the round of internet as well as print media. However, film maker Anurag Basu insists that KITES is much more than just a skin fest and the sole reason for signing Barbara was definitely not the sex appeal.

"Of course Barbara is attractive; we all know that. Still, it wasn't just her sex appeal that made us sign her. While most of us currently feeling awed by how she looks, one should not forget that in West, she has also been known for her acting abilities. She has done so much good work in films as well as on TV. I saw them and based on that, we decided that Barbara would be the right fit for KITES", says Basu who has been known to steam up the screen, as evidenced in MURDER.

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A superstar at his disposal, a young woman whose screen presence is scorching, a producer who has been an acclaimed film maker himself and comes with pot full of money and a hit record behind his own self - Anurag Basu couldn't have bargained for anything better, right?

"Of course it was a really great experience to make KITES", smiles Basu, "However, rather than feeling overtly elated, I used to tell myself right through the making of KITES to not get carried away. Yes, I had great locales, the best art direction and the stars. I could shoot in as opulent manner as possible. However, I knew that I didn't have to go away from the soul and character of the film. It happens so many times that due to the aspects as mentioned, a director gets greedy. I avoided falling into that trap."


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