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Jahan: KRANTIVEER-THE REVOLUTION is a young film

May 20, 2010 03:35:46 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Jahan Bloch is not new to arc lights. Exactly a decade back, she played the daughter of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Pradha in KOHRAAM [1999]. Now she has grown up to be a young woman and is ready with her debut film as a leading actress in KRANTIVEER - THE REVOLUTION. Incidentally, both KOHRAAM and KRANTIVEER - THE REVOLUTION have been directed by Mehul Kumar, Jahan's father. However, the sequel won't be featuring either Nana Patekar or Dimple Kapadia, both of whom had made the original possible. Instead, the story would be told through Jahan who plays their daughter in the film.



"Yes, there is a glimpse from the past but essentially KRANTIVEER - THE REVOLUTION is an entirely new and a different film. This time around, the issues explored are totally different", says Jahan who has waited for close to a year before her big screen dream has come true.

Still, there is a definite sense of the original in the sequel as well.

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"Yes, the spirit has remained intact", says Jahan, "Also, the sequel begins from the point where original had ended. There certainly is a link between the two films from timeframe perspective. Also, the film features Faridaji (Jalal) who was also there in the original."

In the film, Jahan has Sameer Aftab as her leading man. "Yes, this is a young film and talks about how youngsters can bring in revolution in the country if they stand up together. I know it is a different beginning for any young actor but I was game for it since it was unconventional and gave me an opportunity to bring something new to the table.

The film releases all over on 25th June.