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Suriya on RAKHT CHARITRA 2: Something huge is coming

November 9, 2010 04:14:33 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Suriya's films are being remade with a rampage. Earlier Aamir Khan came with his own version of GHAJINI. Later John Abraham decided to pick on his KAKKA KAKKA. Now Ajay Devgn would be acting in one of the biggest Tamil hits of 2010, SINGHAM, which again had Suriya in the lead. With a record of sorts being created when it comes to remake rights of his films being sold to Bollywood, hasn't he himself been approached by many a film makers in the past? After all he has been around for over a decade and it isn't only now that makers across the country would have woken up to his talent.

download RAKHT CHARITRA wallpaper

download RAKHT CHARITRA wallpaper

'Well honestly, I wasn't screaming from the rooftops that I was getting offers by dozens. In fact even after Aamir Khan started working on his GHAJINI, there weren't many serious offers that came in. But yes, once RAKHT CHARITRA 2 was announced, there has been progress on that front. Perhaps film makers did start getting an impression that I was after all open to Hindi films.'

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Well, the manner in which Ram Gopal Varma is going gaga about the launch of Suriya in Bollywood with his violent saga, one indeed believes that there is something special in the offing.

'I hope so,' says Suriya who first made headlines in Bollywood when Aamir Khan decided to adapt his Tamil flick GHAJINI into a desi Bollywood affair three years ago, 'The manner in which RAKHT CHARITRA 2 is making such a huge buzz, both in Tamil as well as Hindi and Telugu, I do realise that something huge is on the anvil. I mean there is this 'big launch' factor which is indeed playing in the mind of many out there. However, I am taking it easy without thinking much about it.'

RAKHT CHARITRA 2 releases all over on 3rd December.


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