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Tanushree's tryst with snakes in Thailand

November 9, 2010 04:33:43 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Ask any actor and he/she would state that working in a studio is most comforting for them. In fact most of them aren't quite comfortable working outdoors. However, it becomes an absolute no-no when the shooting location happens to be none less than a jungle and that too in far off Thailand.

This is why Tanushree Dutta's worst fears came true when she had to actually travel all the way to the jungles and mountains of Tanushree to shoot for her upcoming film RAMAA - THE SAVIOUR. Though she was excited about the idea of working in a film that allowed her to indulge in some dare devil stunts, she had little knowledge about what lied ahead of her when it came to basic challenges around logistics.

download RAMA THE SAVIOUR wallpaper

download RAMAA THE SAVIOUR wallpaper

"Ask me," smiles Tanushree when reminded of the hectic shoot in Thailand, "Once in hills, we couldn't take our trailer vans any further. Location used to be around 20 minutes away on walk away and once in, I had to be on location for an entire day while sitting under a tree."

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If getting totally bored in aloof surroundings wasn't bad enough, there was company in the form of wild creatures that were not quite bothered with the film's crew being set up in their territory.

"In fact you encounter these strange insects and wild animals all around you. We even got used to playing with wild snakes. There were some local children with us there and they were not afraid at all with snakes around them. They were even throwing these snakes over each other and actually made it all look like a child's play," she recollects.

"Of course all of this is quite risky but you do get used to that in the kind of environment that you are in. You have to adapt," concludes Tanushree as she awaits the 12th November release of her action-adventure film.


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