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Lara Dutta launches Yoga & Fitness DVDs

November 18, 2010 04:28:29 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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Bollywood actor, model, Ex-Miss Universe - Lara Dutta launches the first of her series of DVDs dedicated to fitness and a holistic lifestyle called Yoga - Recovery and Rejuvenation. Lara is all set to share her fitness secrets and her tips to a well rounded life via her series of fitness DVDs under the umbrella of H.E.A.L. With Lara where H.E.A.L stands for Health, Exercise and Longevity. The entire concept behind this initiative is to promote a lifestyle that represents a fit body, mind and spirit.

Being jointly produced by Reliance BIG Home Video, Bheegi Basanti Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (Lara Dutta home production) and Big Daddy Productions, Yoga - Recovery and Rejuvenation includes specific asanas created to restore the central nervous system and to create a sense of overall well being in the body. Yoga: Recovery & Rejuvenation consists of 90 minutes of pure yoga that will help you rejuvenate and be complete within yourself. Lara, under the guidance of yoga expert Tonia Clark (certified Yoga Alliance instructor from Vancouver, Canada), herself has demonstrated and instructed you through various asanas and highlighting their benefits - like Adho Mukha Shvanasana (downward facing dog) that helps in calming the nervous system, Utkatasana (chair pose) that increases the heart rate and stimulates the circulatory and the metabolic system, Veerbhadra asana 2 (Warrior 2) that strengthens and stretches the legs and ankles and increases stamina, Vrikshasana or tree pose (extension of seated meditation) that strengthens thighs, calves, ankles and spines among various others.



The three Videos in the H.E.A.L. with Lara Dutta series are:

- Yoga: Recovery and Rejuvenation - in collaboration with Tonia Clark
- Power Play - in collaboration with Zareen Watson
- Posture Perfect- in collaboration with Zareen Watson

This set of lifestyle DVDs is meant for the people on-the-go or who want to get fit but don't know how. It is an easy to follow routine that one can easily do at home. It is meant for people across all ages and is also the first step in making an effort towards communicating the idea of a well rounded and healthy lifestyle. Shot beautifully, the DVDs aims to help you recover from daily stress and body ailments and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Speaking at the occasion of her DVD launch, Lara Dutta says, "My practice of yoga came to me many years ago. As an actress, life can sometimes get stressful and I feel that it is my yoga practice that helps me find that place of calm, a space of sanctity, wherein I truly get my peace of mind. Yoga is not just a form of exercise; it is a way of life. With this video, I wanted to give a yoga program that would help you completely rejuvenate yourself - a pathway to deep inner calm, emotional stability and immense physical well being."

Sweta Agnihotri, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance BIG Home Video says, "Today, there is a growing emphasis on looking young and feeling good. Increasingly, scientific evidence tells us that one of the key ways to achieve these ideals is fitness and exercise. Also, in today's stressful world, fitness has become essential for a better lifestyle. The benefits of a fit body are numerous. And Yoga is the best form of exercise for an overall well-being for any age group. Reliance BIG Home Video is extremely delighted to venture into a workout DVD for the first time. In fact, we are proud to associate with Lara Dutta's new Yoga fitness program H.E.A.L with Lara which will re-balance, restore and revive you."

Mahesh Bhupathi, Managing Director, Big Daddy Productions says "I am very happy with the partnership of Reliance BIG Home Video and Big Daddy to create and produce content in the home video space. The H.E.A.L. with Lara series is the first product that we have launched and look forward to launching more of such content in the sports and entertainment arena. Conceptualizing and producing the 3 DVDs with Reliance BIG Home Video was a good experience, and hopefully the consumers will benefit from it"

With Lara Dutta and Reliance BIG Home Video coming together, fitness will be given a whole new meaning.


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