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Surya brings in different writer for Tamil RAKHT CHARITRA

November 19, 2010 10:06:49 AM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Second installment of RAKHT CHARITRA is up for release and the film is being looked at with keen interest since it would mark the debut of South superstar Surya. He is the same man whose GHAJINI was adapted by Aamir Khan, KAKKA KAKKA is currently being remade in Hindi with John Abraham in lead while his latest hit SINGHAM has been picked up gladly by Ajay Devgn.

However, now that he is readying for his RAKHT CHARITRA (directed by Ram Gopal Varma), he is not allowing anything to chance.

view RAKHT CHARITRA stills

view RAKHT CHARITRA stills

Informs a highly placed source attached to the film, "While Surya has left it to his director to call the shots in entirety for the Hindi version of the film, he has picked up added responsibilities for the Tamil version. To ensure that the spoken words are up the mark and the vocabulary is perfect enough to reach out to his loyal Tamil audience, he roped in a writer cum journalist to bring in a new dimension to the dialogues of RAKHT CHARITRA."

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Surya doesn't deny the piece of information either. "Yes, I did volunteer to bring on an added hand to make RAKHT CHARITRA a polished product. We earlier tried having Assistant Directors do that job but somehow that wasn't working out. See, in RAKHT CHARITRA, the way things are said are different and not really in a cinematic way. The need of the hour was to bring in someone who didn't belong to the world of films. He did help out in getting the nuances right for the Tamil version of the film."

This is how the said journalist, who is into a quite a few surveys and front page write-ups, came into picture. Well, given the fact that a strong minded Ram Gopal Varma is not quite known for being challenged on the sets, one does tend to believe that it indeed must have been a worthy enough idea from Surya to be given a go-ahead by the film maker.