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Deepika: I'm very comfortable kissing on-screen

November 24, 2010 04:20:23 PM IST
Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial
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There might be speculations about her personal life, but Deepika's professional career is going rock steady. She is now paired opposite Imran Khan in her forthcoming film, BREAK KE BAAD, directed by debutante Danish Aslam.

Says Deepika, 'BREAK KE BAAD talks about a break in a relationship. It talks about a couple who decide to take a break in a relationship as all is not well.'

Speaking about her character Aaliya, the 24-year-old actress says, 'My character of Aaliya is very focused on her career. She wants to achieve a lot. She wants to go to Australia to become an actress. She wants to be independent and is very ambitious. So, those are the characteristics I identify with. At the same time, she is a girl who doesn't believe in love, commitment, relationships and marriage. Also, she is a little insensitive and immature. Those are the things I don't identify with.'

download BREAK KE BAAD wallpaper

download BREAK KE BAAD wallpaper

Unlike Aaliya, Deepika doesn't believe in breaks in relationships. 'Space is very important in a relationship. The film talks about a break. I've never understood the concept of a break. If a relationship is going through some problems then the two people in that relationship should try and make it work. I've never understand when people say 'Let's take a break, let's meet after a year'. I've never taken a break in a relationship. So I don't know the concept of break in a relationship,' said the charming actress.


From its promos and title, BREAK KE BAAD is being compared with LOVE AAJ KAL, in which Deepika was the leading lady. So, does she find them to be similar? 'People find similarities because both films are very real. Everybody will relate to it. For me, Meera's character (LOVE AAJ KAL) was very similar to what I am whereas Aaliya is completely different from what I am.'

The dusky beauty has no qualms in kissing on-screen. 'For me on-screen kissing is as comfortable as any other scene. The media makes it to be such a big deal. We are actors at the end of the day. Whether we have to give a dialogue or sit at a dining table and eat food or sit under a table and do a kissing scene, it's exactly the same thing. There's no need to make it a big deal.'

Speaking in BREAK KE BAAD's context Deepika said, 'This film is a love story. It's talking about love and relationships in today's day and age. When you are trying to make cinema the way it is today, certain things like a kissing scene are essential. Having said that, it's not like I will go kissing in every film.'

BREAK KE BAAD releases on November 26.


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