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Monica: Aamir has broken norms with DHOBI GHAT

November 25, 2010 01:08:27 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Monica Dogra is on a high after the experience of having worked in DHOBI GHAT. Moreover, if the acclaim that the film received internationally wasn't enough, she has been flooded with congratulatory messages ever since the First Look of her debut film was released in India. With the kind of reactions coming her way, she is undoubtedly excited about the prospects of the film being watched in her own country.

"Trust me, no one has seen a film like this coming out of India", she perks up, "There are so many firsts surrounding the making of the film. It is Kiran's directorial debut which is pretty unconventional. It shows Aamir in a way that has never been shown before. When I think about it, it is so amazing actually for an actor with such body of work to be constantly looking at reinventing himself. I can guess that it must be so hard for an actor like him to repeat something that he has done before. Still, with DHOBI GHAT, he has broken quite a few norms again."

download DHOBI GHAT wallpaper

download DHOBI GHAT wallpaper

This pretty much leads to the next question which is centered on the insecurity factor. Since the film is directed by Kiran, wasn't Monica apprehensive about doing the role? After all not just is the woman a first time director, she also happens to be Aamir's wife which means the film is basically an all-family affair.


"Shall I tell you something", Monica gets animated here, "One of the only reasons that I did the screen test for DHOBI GHAT was because I had seen Kiran's media representations and hence wanted to be a part of her cinema. I was a big fan of hers even before I signed the film. Moreover, I have never been a giant fan of quintessential Bollywood films. I have always liked alternative cinema and this is what I could sense in DHOBI GHAT as well. It's a different matter though that Kiran is one quirky fun loving person so I could have some nice female bonding happening with her on the sets."

One does hope that unlike PEEPLI LIVE, where all the camaraderie between the makers have diluted soon after its release, the bonding continues to stay strong for weeks after the release of DHOBI GHAT as well.


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