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Neetu Singh: I used to be insecure

October 6, 2010 04:12:54 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Neetu Singh is making her comeback with DO DOONI CHAAR. However, the fact remains that it took quite some effort for her to finally consent to this film which pairs her with hubby Rishi Kapoor. Now that's a surprise because with cinema finally evolving in Bollywood, one would have expected that in last 10 years at least; many film makers would have come to her with great scripts as well as characters that were glamorous enough to remind one of Neetu Singh of yore.

download DO DOONI CHAAR wallpaper

download DO DOONI CHAAR wallpaper

"10 years, did you say", questions Mrs. Kapoor with a smile, "In fact ever since the time I left the industry which was about 25 years back, there was something that was always coming. However, I didn't have any inclination since I was happy taking care of my house, Ranbir and Ridhima. Blame it on my Cancerian trait but my whole world revolved around my house and family."

"In fact I remember that even during my vacations, I use to be quite insecure because I never wanted to leave it without my supervision. Today when Ridhima is married and Ranbir is all the time away for his shoots, I have the time to think about movies as well", she adds.


From romancing with a much younger Rishi Kapoor three decades back, she is now being seen as his screen wife. It must have been a different experience for sure, isn't it?

"When I was acting with him earlier, I didn't realize that he was such a good actor", she confesses, "I wasn't concentrating on what he was doing because I was too young to realize what acting really was. Uss samay kuchh samajh nahi thi. Today I respect him a lot more because he brings so much to his role. He improvises a lot and says his dialogues effortlessly. "In fact I used to tell him during the shooting of DO DOONI CHAAR that he is really a marvelous actor. He would also help other people on the sets with their acts since he is the senior most of the lot. I really appreciate him much more than before now."

Now that's togetherness!


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