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What makes DUNNO Y, NA JAANE KYUN a controversial film?

October 22, 2010 07:48:38 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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An offbeat mainstream film explores an unexplored theme (same sex relationship), though the film captures the multi-layered relationship within an Anglo-Indian Family.... Adultery and homosexuality may be controversial themes for mainstream Indian cinema, but the film brings gay characters to the fore, the gay love affair is the most believable and sensitively portrayed...

Earlier in DOSTANA and KAL HO NAA HO, the gay angle was more of a parody, rather than a realistic portrayal of Gay Relationship in a mainstream film.

But, the makers of DUNNO Y... NA JAANE KYUN are going where no one in Bollywood has dared to tread; that is, showing a male to male longest kissing scene. Since the film portrays relationship between a man and man, the kiss is an integral part and had to be done. To make matters stickier, the kiss lasts for a minute and a half!!

But if that is a shocker, the censor board has been creating hurdles for man to man love making scene, which too is an intrinsic part of the film, which takes the film forward.

The storyline follows a gay model forced to compromise his morals for his career. That includes entering into a gay relationship, in part to get ahead as a model. It stars a newcomer, Kapil Sharma, the director's brother, who feels Indian audiences now can handle a gay

But DUNNO Y..NA JAANE KYUN has been refused certificate from censors if certain cuts are not implemented...the film had been stuck with the censors from the last two months...they have an objection with the gay romance in the film and the censor committee has refused to give certificate till the producers don't delete gay love making and man to man kissing...

The producers have also stuck to their stand and now are gone to the revising committee...there is a certain double standards, when it comes to Gays, in spite of the Indian justice court ruling on article 377.

With the movie set to open, more is being written about the groundbreaking film. Sanjay Sharma, the film's director, says he believes that Indian audiences are "mature enough" to handle gay subject matter despite the fact the country only recently did away with colonial-era laws outlawing homosexuality. The makers hope that hard line elements do not create any problems because Indian society has matured, and are open to different cinema now.

Also Aryan Vaid plays a happily- married Bollywood Superstar who likes to sleep with male aspirants (any resemblance to any superstars are purely co-incidental!)

DUNNO Y... NA JAANE KYUN marks the return of the Diva Zeenat Aman on the silver screen, besides a superb ensemble cast of Helen, Rituparna Sengupta, Kabir Bedi, Maradona,Arjun Vaid, Tara Sharma, Asha Sachdev,Hazel, Mahabanoo Kotwal, Parikshat Sahni, etc.

DUNNO Y, NA JAANE set to release next week on October 29th.