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Mallika's HISSS success even after Being lynched

October 28, 2010 07:35:25 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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download HISSS wallpaper

When a reported story gets so many of the facts wrong, how much of the rest can actually be true? Not much, according to a source inside the HISSS camp, after reading an article about director Jennifer Lynch's distancing herself from the film after critics did not praise her work.

In fact, once the film became commercially successful with younger and single screen audiences, Miss Lynch posted her praise and congratulations to everyone involved with the film on her Facebook account. More odd, and potentially meant to be humorous, the day the article came out, Miss Lynch's Los Angeles manager Cynthia Campos-Greenberg also posted on Facebook that her client was 'a w***e'. Miss Lynch commented on the post, saying, 'Yes. Yes, I am.'

So what is the truth in all this? It's hard to tell, and as HISSS star Miss Sherawat has commented, '[Miss Lynch's] timing shows everything. We are happy to take credit for the film's success. The real story has yet to come out.' The real story, according to our source who is familiar with both parties, is one not too uncommon in the film industry, albeit, maybe more sensationalized due to the publicity that follows Mallika Sherawat.

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A Hollywood studio owner who is a fan of the film and recently heard of the Lynch article has stated, 'I'm aghast. Every filmmaker gets the film taken away by the studio, but none are stupid enough to go to the press about it. Her career is over.'

Coming back to the article, it reported that Miss Lynch and her filmmaker father are British. They are not. They are American. It goes on to report that Miss Lynch's 'The Lost Diary of Laura Palmer' was a hit movie when it was actually a novel that went nowhere. The article further says Miss Lynch left India without editing the movie when in reality the film was edited in Los Angeles overseen by Miss Lynch for 17 weeks with two editors approved by her. According to the article, the film cost 50 crores when it cost much less than half that amount. It also says that Miss Lynch wanted to make a love story instead of a horror film when no footage was reshot to make it any more 'horrific'. All the gruesome, violent and sexy scenes were in her original script. With so many of the facts wrong, it's no wonder there's confusion abound.

According to our source, these are the facts: Miss Lynch went considerably over-budget shooting the film, adding a number of shoot days and even after editing for 17 weeks in Los Angeles, could not submit a cut of the film that was even intelligible by the producers and sales reps for the film. It is in these cases, according to the source, that the studio exercises its contractual rights and finishes a film. And for HISSS, the producers doing so actually saved the film, making it commercial enough for fans of Mallika and the horror genre to enjoy. And the rest, as they say, is Hisss-tory.