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Sheena: There isn't anything vulgar in MALLIKA

September 6, 2010 12:19:37 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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As one can now see in the film MALLIKA, it is the glamour quotient of debutant Sheena Nayyar and not the acting part which is being sold to the audience. While her bikini act in a sea is pretty much on display, her figure flaunting costumes, right from the publicity stills of the film, promos to even her public appearances, are hogging limelight. Really, isn't that a little too uninhibited for a newcomer like her?

view MALLIKA stills

view MALLIKA stills

"I don't think there is anything vulgar in what you have seen of me in the promos so far", defends Sheena who shrugs away the insinuation, "Even the posters don't have my bikini shots out there. It is all done in a very classy manner. Also, if you are asking me about my bikini sequence in the film then well, what else do you expect a young woman to wear when alone on a beach with her boyfriend? It's as simple as that; there is skin show in the film but only where it is required."

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Moreover, Sheena insists that beyond the surface, there is lot more waiting to be explored about the character she is playing in the film.

"One has to get people in theatre. Period. You have to get the product and yourself noticed and recognized. For that, if skin show is an attraction point then be it", Sheena continues in the same vein, "Once people are in, it's the film that sells. In that perspective, we are all very confident. I waited for a couple of years before giving a nod to MALLIKA. I could have done a regular movie which was hero-centric and provided me 1-2 songs but I didn't want to do that. This isn't something which was ever going to define my career."

Well, now with MALLIKA already released, one waits to see what does the young woman go on to sign next.