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Onir - Kabhi Gham Kabhi Khushi

September 10, 2010 05:45:24 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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What could well have been a real life Shakespearean tragedy turned into a Manmohan Desai 'lost and found' masala blockbuster for Onir. Just when it seemed that he had lost all his personal identification in a foreign land, Onir was found smiling again as the momentary disappointment led to exhilaration.

Informs the young film maker who was recently in Locarno and was making a way to the airport in Milan, "I was travelling in a local bus and it was only after I got down did I realise that I had left my bag in the bus. It contained some money and my personal stuff but most importantly my passport and ticket. There was no means of calling the bus back and I was left on the road wondering what to do next."



He did approach cops and even though they tried to be helpful, they couldn't do much due to language problems.

"Police officers out there don't understand English and I wasn't finding any way to explain to them what I had gone through. I just went back to the bus stop where I had got off and started wondering what next to do. I really felt totally helpless," sighs Onir while remembering the harrowing incident.

He lights up though as be brings his story to the third and final act. "It was an hour long wait and just when I had almost given up, I could see the bus coming from a distance. It was being driven by the same lady driver who was driving it originally. God bless her, she had found the bag and wanted to return it to me. I was so excited that even from a distance away, I was almost jumping. I didn't even hesitate blowing flying kisses to her repeatedly. It was one great moment of relief and happiness."

Naturally, he comes back from the foreign land with great memories. "I could have found myself in soup, especially because of the issues around language. I guess humanity still exists on this land," he signs off.


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