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BHINDI BAAZAAR cast behind Bars!!

September 15, 2010 03:16:58 PM IST
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They say hard work never killed anyone but it can definitely put you behind bars. The cast and crew of BHINDI BAAZAAR encountered an embarrassing and extremely uncalled for situation during the making of the film.

While shooting for this realistic and gripping thriller in BHINDI BAAZAAR itself, the cast comprising of very talented actors like Pawan Malhotra, Prashant Narayanan, Shilpa Shukla and newbies Gautam Sharma and Shweta Verma along with director Ankush Bhatt and the crew got so engrossed in the scene that they didn't realize they were shooting in the wrong by-lane for which they had not acquired permission .They were put behind bars by the local cops for a couple of hours and then let off with a warning.

view BHINDI BAAZAAR stills

view BHINDI BAAZAAR stills

Speaking about the situation, Director Ankush Bhatt says, "The entire cast and crew of BHINDI BAAZAAR was so gripped in the shooting that we didn't realize our folly. We had acquired permission to shoot in one of the many by-lanes in Bhindi Baazaar. As the scene progressed, we moved into another by lane for which we did not have the consent from the authorities. Not realizing the fact that we were in the wrong location, we were questioned by the local police and let off after a few hours with a warning"

Gautam Sharma, who will debut with BHINDI BAAZAAR added, "BHINDI BAZAAR comprises of small identical by-lanes which are difficult to distinguish. This led to the confusion. However, the local cops were very understanding and let us off in a couple of hours."


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