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Sona Jain: Producers used to ask me to copy DVDs

September 17, 2010 04:56:09 PM IST
Pankaj Sabnani, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Debutante filmmaker Sona Jain is elated because her film, FOR REAL is releasing. But it wasn't a piece of cake. The director faced many challenges in the process.

Says Sona, 'I feel great. I'm so lucky because I'm not from this industry. My parents are doctors in Delhi.'

Not only is she directing the film, but is also producing it. Did she approach producers for FOR REAL? 'I did speak to producers in Bollywood. You know, everyone complains about the standard of writing in Bollywood. But when a good script comes, people don't give it a chance. Every producer that I went to, they would give me a DVD and would ask me to copy it. I would say 'I am giving you an original story. Why do you want me to copy?' Then I said just forget it and make your own film. I put a not on my wall saying 'Jump and the net shall appear',' says the filmmaker.


Talking about how the idea of FOR REAL came, Sona revealed, 'When I was young, my mother had long beautiful hair. One day she came back with a hair cut. I looked at her and was so upset about it and said 'You are not my mother. You are someone else'. She told me as an adult that she was very hurt. But it became a joke in the family that a girl like Sona said something like that.'

Continuing in the same vein, she said, 'I was studying filmmaking in the New York University. Every time I missed Delhi, I used to write about it. So I was writing about this six-year-old girl. It started off being my story and then very quickly she tuned into someone else. I think stories come from God. Because how can you write about experiences that you haven't had.'

FOR REAL, which releases today, sees KAMA SUTRA fame Sarita Choudhury making a comeback to Bollywood after a long hiatus. 'When I was writing FOR REAL, I had Sarita in mind. In a way I wrote FOR REAL for Sarita. I don't know if I would have made it if she hadn't said yes,' said Sona on a parting note.


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