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Shri Ram sports a 6 pack abdomen in RAMAYANA

September 23, 2010 05:48:42 PM IST
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As our silver screen heroes sport fit and chiseled physiques, another mythological character follows suit.

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Produced by Ketan Mehta and directed by Chetan Desai, RAMAYANA-THE EPIC tells the iconic tale from the pages of Indian mythology with vibrant drama and action, fast moving frames and great sound effects making it a great experience for kids and adults alike.

And contemporizing the characters to suit the modern day perspective is Chetan Desai, whose lead character Shri Ram sports a 6 pack abdomen in the film.

Says Chetan Desai, "Shri Ram was a warrior prince, in fact, the greatest of his time. It's obvious that he would have had a well muscled physique and we designed his animated character keeping that in mind. So far, we've always seen his gentler features but we can't override that he was also a Kshatriya."


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