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Tanushree: I am not an endorser of multiple films

September 25, 2010 05:47:30 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Earlier this year, Tanushree Dutta had a couple of back to back releases in the form of ROKKK and APARTMENT. While she awaits the release of her impending RAAMA - THE SAVIOUR, she hasn't signed on anything new. One of the major reasons that none of the actors gave a nod to films was the slowdown that the industry was facing for a couple of years.

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"That's right, the industry was going through a bad patch for some time and especially last one year," says Tanushree, "Options were pretty limited for a lot of people. However, in the last few months, I have seen some good change coming in. There are offers coming in but I am still holding on rather than committing to projects. Reason being that there are many better projects in the pipeline. Of course, I can't talk about them now but I would rather wait for those announcements to happen than me signing on something that I would regret later."

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Being cautious isn't something new for Tanushree. After her Miss India stint, Tanushree has been pretty careful in choosing films and has worked in only ten films (where she has been a lead protagonist) in half a decade.

"This is the way I work," says Tanushree, "In any case I am not an endorser of doing multiple films in a year. I need my time & space and want to give 100% to a film. This is why I work on two or at maximum three films in a year. Otherwise I like to take it easy."

She ends on a hopeful note, "The industry has come out of doom which is a very positive sign. Now I want to sign up the next possible option. I am in no hurry."


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