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August 10, 2011 01:12:39 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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There is immense competition building for HUM TUM SHABANA both on as well as off the screen. While Minissha Lamba is the leading lady of the film as she plays the central role of Shabana, even Pia Trivedi has popped out of nowhere. One wonder what does man of the moment, Tusshar Kapoor, have to say about the brewing competition.

download HUM TUM SHABANA wallpaper
download HUM TUM SHABANA wallpaper

"Well, I don't know about the off screen competition but on screen it is pretty interesting actually," smiles Tusshar, "Yes, Pia is in a very-very important role. In the game of chess where Shreyas and I are trying to catch hold of Minissha, it is Pia who turns out to be an important mohra."

There is another incident that Tusshar is happy to share here. "In fact I remember how I used to tease both Minissha and Pia by stating that they reminded me of the kind of setting which was there in KHOON BHARI MAANG. Though our film has nothing to do with the plot of that film, there was this beauty context in it where Rekha was like Minissha while Sonu Walia was this hot competitor, just as is the case with Pia here. Of course this was just for fun as there is no literal comparison or similarities whatsoever but I don't know why the beauty pageant setting always ended up reminding me of KHOON BHARI MAANG".

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Meanwhile it's an all-around cleverness on part of men as well that forms the core of HUM TUM SHABANA which turns out to be a battle of one upmanship between Tusshar and Shreyas as they start applying different tricks to woo Minissha.

"Yes, eventually the film is about this competition between two guys who are fighting it out for the girl. This brings in a romantic angle as well but at the end of it all it is an out and out comedy," says Tusshar who is finding himself at logger heads with Shreyas once again after GOLMAAL 3, "It's a game of chess that is being played between the two of us with a common aim of getting our 'Shabana'."

HUM TUM SHABANA is all set for 23rd September release.


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