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Dolly Bindra ko gussa kyon aatha hai?

August 19, 2011 07:10:45 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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She's loud, she's gregarious and always on an attention seeking spree. We are talking about the one and only Dolly Bindra, who made headlines with her bold & brash attitude and her temper tantrums in the last season of BIGG Boss. Since then there is no looking back for Bindra!


With her loud & nerve-rattling laughter, her hideous walk, she makes her way in to every social event, party or public appearance in her now famous ways, only to seek attention. Loud in her appearance (she wears the most obnoxious -looking outfits) & her attitude she does not leave any stone unturned to leave some ugly memories of her presence. In fact at the recently held BIG Television Awards she was called on stage to give away a section of awards. Dolly came up on stage with the otherwise peppy Urvashi Dholakia (who just kept mum) as she took over stage all to herself.

What started off as a light-hearted banter between the anchors Manish Paul & Sudesh Lahari and Dolly, ended up in an ugly manner...Dolly just took over the stage and did not even give the award winners an opportunity to say a few words. In so many words she was asked to step down, even host Lahiri telling her: 'yeh jagran nahin hai...'meaning we are not here to sit all through the night! But the screaming & ranting Dolly continued in her now famous obnoxious behavior.

For those few actors who were rather unlucky to receive the award from Dolly, this will remain a function they would hate to remember. Milestones in one's life are memorable moments for keeps, but this milestone/award will be something they would best like to forget. Dolly, we hope you realize what a spoilt sport you are when you are out there seeking attention for yourself!