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Priyanka Chopra goes macho for DON 2

December 19, 2011 04:12:03 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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When she was challenged to catch hold of DON which seemed like an 'impossible' task, Priyanka Chopra at least wanted to give her best. This means that as a cop, while she would be seen on a hot trail of Shahrukh Khan, it won't be relegated to mere 'dialogue baazi'. Instead this 'junglee billi' has gone an extra distance and even kicked some butt, something that would be revealed once the film arrives in theatres. Also, a conscious effort was put into ensuring that she comes across as macho instead of feminine during her action sequences, something that most Bollywood heroines are guilty of.

view DON 2 movie stills
view DON 2 movie stills

''While DON 2 has so far been promoted as a Shahrukh Khan affair where he does the balancing act between playing with gizmos and crashing cars, there is quite some action that involves Priyanka Chopra as well,' says an insider, 'She had done some action in DON earlier, most notably being the mission where she rescues Shahrukh, but that was more stylised. In DON 2, she has kicked butt and how.''

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Priyanka too was waiting for such an opportunity to come her way since the last time she had indulged in some real hand-to-hand combat was during DRONA. In the superhero film that had released three years ago, Priyanka had played a woman with warrior skills and had even learnt 'Gatka', a form of martial arts. Though for DON 2 she didn't go about mastering any special art, in the Bollywood scheme of things she was more than glad to rehearse for days at stretch and get it just right.

Says Priyanka, ''It was really cool to do all the action for DON 2. Trust me, action here as surpassed the one that we saw in DON.

When asked about her 'special preparations', she says with a mock laughter, ''The biggest challenge for me to look macho instead of being a sissy. So many times it happens that when girls fight, it indeed looks like a 'girl fight'. I had to look like a boy.''

Attaboy, shall we say?


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