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Tisca Chopra: I would like the slot of being unslottable

February 14, 2011 07:10:59 PM IST
Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
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Beautiful actress Tisca Chopra is content with the way her career is progressing and has no complains about not playing lead roles in the typical Bollywood masala films. In fact, she states that such films don't fall under her priority list and would love to do something substantial rather than repeating herself.

"I am not sure if lead roles in commercial movies are my priority. Positioning and billing is not so relevant for me. I do not care much about doing commercial films because though one has the tag of being the female lead, there is not much to do." At the same time the level-headed actress shoots back, "How can you say that I was not the lead in TAARE ZAMEEN PAR who else was? Darsheel was one, then Aamir was the other and I was the only leading lady. The baggage of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR was felt by others not me. I would like the slot of being unslottable," says Tisca Chopra.



Further she adds that her role in DIL TOH BACCHA HAI JI was meant to be a surprise element and hence she was not seen promoting the film. "Madhur Bhandarkar wanted me to be the surprise package and I am glad it turned out to be a surprise. I got applause for breaking the mould in DIL TOH BACCHA HAI JI. Not many people are able to do so. Guys like Saif Ali Khan get to do an OMKARA or BEING CYRUS and at the same time LOVE AAJ KAL also. But girls don't get enough chance to do so. They get typecast either in traditional or glamourous avatar," says the pretty lady.

After receiving wide acclaim for her performances in TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, FIRAAQ and the recent one being DIL TOH BACCHA HAI JI, Tisca Chopra is all geared up for her next, LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI spearheaded by Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan. "It's too early to speak about my role," says Tisca, who is not ready to reveal much about her new film at this juncture. Nevertheless she says she has a significant role to play and gives away the essence of the film, "The way love affairs; life is today it's very different from what it was 5-7 years ago. The time and energy that young people spend on relationships is too much. Relationships are not as simple as they used to be because society parameters are changing. It's not decided at 15 who you are going to be engaged to & by 20 you are married to that person or not, then by 22 you have two children so on and so forth. So the topic of love and breakups become very important thing in today's context because it's either work or relationship that takes up most of our energy. And that's what LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI is all about."

LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI, made under Born Free Entertainment, is Dia and Zayed's debut production. And Tisca is all praise for Dia and Zayed's work. "They are great people to work with, they are very people centric, they are going all out to make us (team) feel comfortable, giving all kind of support, being interactive, etc." According to Tisca, the thing which makes them coolest of the producers is their acting background. She says, "I think that makes them more sensitive to actors, they have been actors so they know how to treat other actors."

After being part of best of the films and giving finest performances each time, naturally, expectations are bound to be humungous. But the cool (as cucumber) and composed Tisca deals quite easily. "As an actor you will have hits, flops, appreciation, even ande tamatar coming your way. One should not be affected by either but try and put the heart and soul into whatever is in front and give the best. I am really working hard it still hurts when somebody says something negative and vice-versa. I am trying to be less and less affected because then you are always at the mercy of other people and their opinions. I want to be an artist who likes acting and wants to do the job honestly. Tomorrow if somebody is critical does that mean I will not do it in that way?" questions back Tisca.

The 37-year old Tisca Chopra, who is married to a pilot - Captain Sanjay Chopra, finds her husband her best critic, "My husband strongly watches my films and he is extremely astute, clear that this portion or this look or this expression didn't work or this thing you did it uniquely and wonderfully. He is strong critic."

Besides LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI, Tisca also talks about her future projects. "2-3 films are ready for release a psychological thriller 404, 10 ML LOVE, a huge budget Punjabi language film KHUSHIYAAN but not a typical Punjabi film," concludes Tisca Chopra.


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