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Will Ramu join Bhatts on 'Murder' franchise?

July 29, 2011 01:09:38 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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MURDER 2 has turned out to be a huge success and given Emraan Hashmi the hugest success of his career. On the other hand Ram Gopal Varma is also looking forward to unleash his NOT A LOVE STORY to the audience. On the face value these may seem like two standalone isolated films. However dig a little deeper and similarities are difficult to be ignored.


'There is a lot common between Ram Gopal Varma's NOT A LOVE STORY and superhit MURDER 2 franchise. Just like murder and sex played an important role in MURDER 2, the same holds good in NOT A LOVE STORY as well. MURDER 2 had cleverly amalgamated Korean film CHUGYEOGJA with real life Nithari case which was infamous for the serial killings that had shook the nation. Now Ramu too has openly admitted that he was inspired by newspaper headlines that highlighted the murder case involving Maria. And yes, sex plays a pivotal role here too,' says a script writer on condition of anonymity.

No wonder, there is a theory going around the town on whether Ramu could have actually joined hands with Bhatts and registered his NOT A LOVE STORY as MURDER 3 instead to build an association with the hit franchise.

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'It would have been one unique combination for sure,' says a trade pundit, 'Bhatts as well as Ramu believe in shocking the audience and it is surprising that that they have never come together. If they tie up, there are quite a few unique possibilities ahead. May be after the release of NOT A LOVE STORY, Ramu could actually go ahead and plan a project with Bhatts. It won't be a bad idea after all.'

However Ramu refuses to term his film as the one that could qualify as an add-on to the 'Murder' franchise.

'When you see NOT A LOVE STORY, you would realise that it is not about sex at all. The core issue is that how the characters out there could supposedly make love in the kind of situation that they were in,' reasons Ramu, 'I in fact would go to the extent of saying that love making is not even an operative word here. Isn't it shocking if someone has sex in front of the dead body? How can you term it as love making? For me it is more traumatic than anything else. It is that kind of mindset that I am exploring here rather than telling as murderous tale.'

Fair enough Ramu.


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