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Mahakshay willing to play hero, comedian or villain

June 17, 2011 02:10:48 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Mahakshay Chakraborty is finally feeling settled after the success of HAUNTED 3D. As its theatrical run comes to an end, this Vikram Bhatt film is now readying to release on home video soon and that too in a 3D version. One is prompted to ask Mahakshay how is he looking at his film making experience going forward. Has there anything been decided for him, now that he has joined the list of successful actors who got it right in their second outing at the least?

"You know what I want? I just want to hear the sound of action and cut," says Mahakshay candidly, "I am not here just so that I can do hero oriented roles. I am open to anything, be it the role of a hero, comedian, villain or supporting actor; I am fine with all as it totally depends upon how does audience want to see me. I consider myself as a public servant, not a star. A star is what people make you."

view HAUNTED 3D stills
view HAUNTED 3D stills

Mahakshay also goes on to add that it was this very approach which he took a year ago when he was more than ecstatic to work in HAUNTED 3D, a horror film. More so because he didn't have much choice to pick up roles and hence the genre was a topic for a secondary conversation.

"Really, I am just plain happy working. There wasn't anything specific that I was aiming for; I was just plain desperate for work since I hadn't done anything for long," Mahakshay gets down the memory lane here, "I was like 'when would my time come'. I had started looking like one of those people who are really aimless and clueless in life. This is when I finally took action and worked upon myself. Par unn dino mein what I went through is something jo sirf mujhe hi pata hai. "

Today despite good success coming his way, Mahakshay isn't being overtly choosy though he is being cautious. "But then give me half a chance and I am still willing to dance on one foot if it is required," smiles Mahakshay before signing off.


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