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Anubhav on RA.ONE v/s ROBOT: What's the big deal?

June 22, 2011 12:13:28 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Just four months remain for the release of RA.ONE and while the teaser promos continue to play on all entertainment channels, the debate has further intensified around similarities between Shahrukh's RA.ONE and Rajnikanth's ROBOT. While the entire 'spot the similarities' contest has been done to death ever since speculations began once the RA.ONE promo was unveiled; the most glaring of them all has been the train sequence which is common between the two.


"In ROBOT, Rajinikanth saves Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from being assaulted in a running train by taking on more than a dozen odd goons. The most remarkable point of the entire extended sequence was Rajni running sideways on the train, something that was a first for the big screen," says an observer, "Now in RA.ONE too Shahrukh is seemingly suspended sideways on a moving train though it is yet unclear if he is trying to save someone who is inside the compartment or is just involved in a chase."

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When contacted, Anubhav is nonchalant about the entire comparison and says that 'it is no big deal' to have a similar sequence.

"ROBOT may have had a train sequence and now we too have that. So, what's the big deal," questions Anubhav, "I am still not comparing how good my scene is or whether it is better than that of ROBOT; I am not even taking that lane. All I am saying is that if ROBOT had a similar sequence then well great, good for them."

Seems the makers have now taken the offensive route when it comes to RA.ONE v/s ROBOT comparison and aren't willing to take it lying down anymore.


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