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HAPPI has Charlie Chaplin's touch

March 11, 2011 11:38:33 AM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Pankaj Kapur's HAPPI is up for release and film's director Bhavna Talwar (who had earlier called the shots with Pankaj on DHARM) has no qualms in admitting that it is inspired from Charlie Chaplin's cinema. While she cautions audience that neither does HAPPI ape Chaplin's films nor does it have its characters enacting their scenes on similar lines, Bhavna does admit that the essence of the legendary filmmaker's cinema has pretty much been imbibed into HAPPI.



In the process of being inspired and bringing her vision on screen, Bhavna first went back to the drawing board and also finished reading books on Charlie Chaplin. One of them also happened to be Chaplin's biography. The film was also the first of its kinds for Bhavna who was now moving from a serious hard hitting dramatic affair (DHARM) to something totally light hearted (HAPPI).

"Well, I won't say that it was really a massive transition to move from social to light hearted cinema", Bhavna thinks a little before continuing, "DHARM was an entity of it's own while HAPPI was something that further inspired and excited me to tell a different story. It was a new moment of passion for me so there was never a thought that I was making any transition per se."

When asked whether it was too much of a mind set change for the second time director, what with she being new to the world of directing films, Bhavna adds in a lighter vein, "I was a film maker and I am continuing to be a film maker so there can't be much change. I would say I have made a transition if I move from being a film maker to some other professional. Having said that, it is not happening for sure for many more years to come at least."

HAPPI releases all over on 15th April.


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