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Shashant Shah: Vinay & Lara compliment each other

March 21, 2011 05:54:45 PM IST
Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
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After delighting us with his bittersweet tragic comedy, DASVIDANIYA, filmmaker Shashant Shah is back with yet another comic caper, CHALO DILLI. And incidentally Vinay Pathak is the leading actor of both the films. Although Vinay's characters in both the films appear to be on the same lines, they are poles apart as per the director.

Drawing the difference between the two characters, director Shashant says, "In DASVIDANIYA, Vinay Pathak played a mundane simpleton middleclass guy, whereas in CHALO DILLI he will be seen as low middle class guy who is obnoxiously loud. He is a guy who will not mind spitting in front of a woman, eating paan or masala, abusing, etc. And his favourite punch line is Kaunsi badi baat ho gai (What's the big deal?). Though they are from the same world but they are put into different characters. Amar Kaul of DASVIDANIYA was a very shy guy. But CHALO DILLI's Manu Gupta is a loud guy (not a tapori). He does everything which is uncouth but does it so naturally and so confidently that he is very happy with his pace."



The most unique part about CHALO DILLI is its bizarre pairing of Vinay Pathak and Lara Dutta. One wonders what made Shashant couple up the comedy king with beauty queen. And Shashant has his reasons to justify the same.

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"It is the requirement of the story. This odd pairing is the USP of the film. Whenever I read the script I used to think of the poster of the film and saw these two people standing together. They come from totally different schools of acting yet they compliment each other on screen. People have a perception that Lara is Miss Universe, she's done all the popular big films and Vinay's done all nice, good, fun-filled meaningful cinema. Why these two people together? But trust me when you watch the film you'll know what I mean to say. The moment I would put in someone who is a good actor but did not that star caliber of Lara it could have been issue. It would have been unbelievable for the normal audiences to even taste this film. So it was a conscious decision. Everybody told me that no one will say yes for this combination. But I said let's wait and try. I went to Lara she read the script and after a couple of months she was graceful enough to even produce it," says the filmmaker.

Made under Lara Dutta's production house Bheegi Basanti, CHALO DILLI is set to release on April 29th.


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