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Vinay Pathak: Lara Dutta is most hot, sexy and intelligent

March 29, 2011 02:57:50 PM IST
Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
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Filmmaker Shashant Shah's upcoming film CHALO DILLI is lately in news for its odd pairing - Vinay Pathak and Lara Dutta. And every other mind is wondering about this pairing as the two stars hail from two different worlds. While Vinay Pathak is known as the big star of small films, Bollywood hottie Lara Dutta has been mostly associated with huge commercial films.

However, Vinay is highly ecstatic to have worked with Lara. 'I know I am not a commercial celebrity. It's a fantastic opportunity for me to work with somebody like Lara. I think she is a fabulous actor. Actually she is underused in the industry. She has done various kinds of roles and some really wonderful ones. But I still think the kind of talent she possess she hasn't been exploited enough. I am ecstatic about the fact that we came together on a platform to work in a film that has given ample opportunity to both of us to indulge in what we know the best and in the most creative, fun way,' says Vinay.



Vinay is a much senior actor than Lara is and knows the in & out of the industry. Didn't Vinay ever feel awkward about the fact that he is being handled by a lady? 'No I didn't feel any awkward. I love women in power. They are very good at what they do. I think they are more efficient work wise and they are beautiful to look at, they are perfectionist,' quips Vinay and further says, 'The fact that Lara is such a wonderful actor and performer made the job of producer easy for her. I never looked at her as a producer because she was so immersed in her character and both of us really enjoyed the whole journey figuratively.'

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Further praising Lara's competency as a producer Vinay says, 'Lara is very professional. Not just competent enough but also she doesn't have the commercial baggage of what we hear of this very typical image of commercial actor. She would always come on time, lots of time before me, which embarrassed me many a times and she was glued in to her job to the core. And this time she is playing a double role so she knew what was happening production wise as well as what was happening creatively.'

Ask Vinay, who has worked with several actresses from small to big to commercial to non-commercial to hot icons of Bollywood, whom he finds most sexy, hot and intelligent among all of them and without giving a second thought he says, 'Lara Dutta is my favourite.'

'Lara Dutta without doubt is most intelligent, sexy and hot actor in Bollywood. And I am not just saying because I am working with her. She of course is the most beautiful woman you would have ever seen. To my surprise when I got to know her, I came to know that she is one of the most well travelled woman. The greatest thing about her is that she knows about everything,' adds the fun loving actor.

CHALO DILLI is all set to hit the screens on 29th April 2011.


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