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Mahakshay: I was conscious of HAUNTED being made in 3D

May 2, 2011 03:09:27 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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It has been ages since a Bollywood flick was made in 3D. Since there aren't many precedents to refer to, one can well expect the team of HAUNTED 3D to have faced some real challenge in making it as a world class affair, more so since at least one Hollywood 3D film arrives Indian shores practically every month.

"Yes, in fact the most challenging part of acting in this film was to keep in mind that the scenes being captured were meant for 3D viewing", elaborates Mahakshay, "This means that I had to be sure about the backdrop during a shot, my look, clothes and the body language. For every shot in the film, I had to ask Viki sir (Vikram Bhatt) that what he expected from me, whether I was standing at the right spot or whether my posture was correct. Such things are extra important in a 3D film and I had to be very conscious of it all."

view HAUNTED 3D videos
view HAUNTED 3D videos

While one waits to check out what the film is all about and how 3D technology has played a role in enhancing the narrative, one can't help but wonder if HAUNTED 3D stays on to be gripping and interesting till its very end. After all it does happen in number of suspense films that a build up is quite strong but as soon as the climax unfolds, it all goes 'fusssss.'


"All I can say is that none of that would happen with HAUNTED 3D as the drama only elevates during the concluding part", assures Mahakshay, "I would love to tell you more but whatever I say now would bring you closer to the suspense. Why don't you watch the film and check it out for yourself?"

Well, we certainly would Mahakshay when the film releases this Friday.


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